Making Smarter Landscaping Choices

How To Make Your Small Yard Stand Out More

Don't think that having a small yard doesn't mean you can't make it stand out. There are several things you can do with your lawn that can make it seem both larger and more pronounced. There are many options available to you and a professional landscaper can help you make them happen.

The Eye Sees What You Want it To See

One of the quickest ways to make your smaller lawn look larger is to play with angles and perspectives. There are several ways you can do this.

Install flat, diagonal features – Lining your yard with flat, diagonal features can fool the eye into thinking your yard is larger than it really is. For example, lining the ground with pavers or planks that don't move in straight lines gives the eye something to follow.

This trick works especially well with curved lines and those that start from the front yard and move towards the back. Try to,

  • Play with a sinuous or diagonal line of features
  • Play with depth by reducing the size of features the further off they are

In this way, people looking at your yard will think they're seeing more of it than what's really there. It's all about perspective. Straight lines only serve to make your lawn look even smaller than it is.

However, if you really want straight lines, then remember the tip about depth manipulation. That can still help you skew the perspective some. 

Think in sections - You can separate even a small large into individual sections. Doing so makes your entire yard seem like it's far larger than it really is. That's because having sections allows the eye to jump from feature to feature, as opposed to seeing one small piece of land.

For example, you can add in a small garden in one section, and a place for a hammock in another. If you cut those sections with a sinuous or diagonal line of shrubs, or pavers, it will look as if your yard has far more space than it does.

Taking Care of Your Lawn

Adding features and doing tricks to make your lawn look more impactful is less important than keeping it properly maintained. An unkempt lawn will make your yard look far smaller than it is. Just keeping your lawn manicured and neat will make it far more appealing no matter what size it is.

In addition, once you do add features, you will still have to maintain them. So getting into the habit of taking care of your lawn, or hiring someone to do it for you, is a good idea.

Use Your Imagination, and Speak to a Professional

There are many more things you can do with a smaller yard. Taking care of the lawn, and doing things to make a small lawn look more desirable, can increase your enjoyment of it. In addition, it will go a long way towards increasing the curb appeal of your home.

These are not new ideas. People have played with the perspective of their yards for years. You may think this is only for those with a lot of landscaping to play with, but it's not.

You can use your imagination and look up some examples online. You can also speak to a professional (such as one from Natural Lawn & Landscape, LLC) about turning your smaller yard into something unique.