Making Smarter Landscaping Choices

Three Landscaping Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

When it comes to curb appeal, your landscaping takes center stage. The design of the space and how well you maintain it determines just how well the exterior of your home looks. In order to keep your home's curb appeal at its best, here are some of the landscaping mistakes you want to try to avoid.

Poor Plant Placement

Few things make a landscaping design look worse than dead or dying plants. The area where you choose to place your plants can help you avoid this type of appearance; particularly for those plants that require a high-level of nutrients from the sun. Before you install your plants, take a few moments to look around the area to see which spaces have the greatest exposure to sunlight.

Areas with high sunlight should be the place you plant your flowers. If you fail to do this and plant your flowers in an area with poor sunlight, even with regular watering and care, they may still look unhealthy and unappealing.  

Cutting Grass Too Frequently

In an effort to keep their lawns looking good, some homeowners will cut their grass more frequently than necessary. When you cut your grass too often, you often end up cutting it too low, sometimes referred to as scalping your lawn. When you scalp your lawn, you make it more susceptible to disease and it's also more inviting for insects. Each of these issues can kill your grass and cause discoloration.

Instead of cutting your grass based on a time schedule, such as once a week, cut your grass solely based on its height. Since every grass type has a recommended height, find out what type of grass you have to determine when it's time to cut.

Avoiding Variety

Don't be afraid to mix up your landscaping design. For example, don't design a space with the same height of evergreen shrubs throughout. This can make you design look bland and boring. A combination of these dark shrubs with a rich vibrant flower would be another, more appealing option.

If you must keep the same types of plants throughout your landscape design, at least try to trim your plants or bushes at different heights to give the space some level of dimension. It's also important to consider variety when it comes to colors. Avoid planting all the same colors in the same section. Blend the colors together for variety and more dimension.

The more effort you put into your landscape, the better the entire exterior of your home will appear. Consider working alongside a professional landscaper to choose the best design options for your home.  

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