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Three Tree-Related Jobs That Best Left to a Professional

Donning some gloves, grabbing some hand trimmers, and tackling the overgrown trees around your yard can transform the look of your property in a short amount of time. Shaping your trees, snipping off small dead limbs, and keeping some branches away from your house are all tasks that the average homeowner can safely complete with ease. If you're facing a larger tree-maintenance task, however, it doesn't take long to get in over your head and end up harming the tree, damaging your property, or even hurting yourself. While the exact line you shouldn't cross depends on your expertise, it's generally best to call a certified tree trimming business if you're presented with the following three scenarios.

Tree Branches Are Near Power Lines

Even if a tree's branches don't appear overly close to a power line, the individual mass of each branch makes it difficult to control if you don't know what you're doing. An inexperienced operator can incorrectly angle the cut on a tree branch, resulting in the branch falling into the line and causing major damage or injuries, or both. Any time you're working near power lines, it's best to involve a professional who can use a truck with a bucket to cut the branch from the correct angle and a set of heavy-duty ropes to control the branch once it's cut.

Some High Branches Are Dead

Although the average person can often successfully remove dead branches that are close to the ground, the job becomes increasingly more difficult when the dead branches are higher up the tree. In this situation, much of the upper trunk can also be dead, which means that placing your ladder against it or even trying to climb the tree has a strong potential of leading to an injury. Professional tree trimmers are trained in visually inspecting trees to look for hazards, and hiring someone to handle this issue will ensure the job is completed safely. As with working near power lines, the operator will likely use a bucket truck and a series of ropes to handle the dead branches safely.

Tree Branches Are Under Pressure

Certain scenarios, such as high winds and dead branches, can often lead to some branches of a tree being under pressure, especially when they get caught in the branches of a nearby tree. This means that when one branch is cut, another can quickly release in a slingshot-like manner and cause serious injuries. A homeowner might have trouble identifying the extent of tree branches under pressure, and if you think that something doesn't look right, it's always best to call a tree service instead of attempting the work yourself.

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