Making Smarter Landscaping Choices

Be Wise When Watering Your Yard And Garden This Season

There are many conflicting reports regarding the best way to water your yard and garden. There are some simple tips and techniques that will make the chore a bit easier while also helping your plants and lawn to thrive and flourish.

Be wise when watering with these words of advice:

Fall foliage needs love, too.

Just because the temperatures grow cooler and the days are shorter doesn't mean you can stop watering your lawn and plants. Adequate moisture helps your yard and foliage prepare for the harsh winter ahead and helps them to rejuvenate themselves from the long, hot summer. If you fertilize your property in the fall, water is necessary to distribute and disseminate the matter into the ground properly and effectively.

Don't reap what you have sown.

It might amaze you at how many people spend tedious hours seeding their lawns, only to wash the seed away when they water. Remember that watering is crucial to germinating the lawn seed, which should be kept damp until it sprouts, and is critical to protect and nurture the seed once it has sprouted. Use a fine, light mist on your hose to prevent washing the seed away when you water your lawn.

Make things easy on yourself.

If you spend any amount of time outside in the garden, or if you have a large property, you may find dragging hoses to water your plants and grass to be a real pain. A great way to resolve this issue is to invest in a second water source, or a remote faucet for your property. You can talk with plumbing professionals about installing an underground pipe with a line to a tap that makes it easy to access water, or you may simply construct your own line with garden hose that is secured to fencing using pipe straps.

The early bird doesn't catch fungus.

Many people wonder when the best time is to water their lawn and plants. It makes most sense to water in the morning, so that the plants and grass have all day to soak up and absorb the moisture. Watering at night may create the perfect environment for fungus to grow and hurt your lawn or plants.

Watering is not rocket science, but there are some useful tips and strategies that can not only make the task a bit less tedious, but that can help your yard and garden thrive, too. Try these tactics when you water your plants and grass this season, and talk with home and garden retailers about hoses and supplies to make watering easier and more effective.  

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