Making Smarter Landscaping Choices

Water Smarter This Season

Protect your investment in your yard, garden, and backyard landscapes by adopting some watering habits that help your plants and lawn thrive. Check out hoses and supplies at home improvement venues to make the task more efficient and effective, and consider the following watering tips:

Give it some legs.

If you don't already use one, consider investing in a clever and convenient watering tripod. These are inexpensive and are widely found at home and garden retailers; these lift the sprinkler up and off the ground, providing further reach and more ease during use. These devices are adjustable and allow you to direct your spray wherever you want, allowing water to fall down on your plants and lawn in a natural, gentle manner.

Less is not always more.

Are you watering your yard and garden long enough? A great do-it-yourself way to measure how long you should be watering your green-space requires only a pie-pan and your watering hose. Place the pan among the plants or grass that you water and approximate how long it takes for a half-inch water to accumulate in the pan; this is how long you should water your property.

Sprinklers are not all created equal.

Do some leg-work in terms of researching the various sprinkler systems available to you. Look for unique sprinklers to place in hard-to-reach areas; expansive yards and linear lawns may do well with an oscillating sprinkler, which will provide nice even coverage. Rotary sprinklers work effectively in small landscapes while long, narrow yards may be most efficiently watered by using a soaker hose.

Be wise when using well water.

If you are watering from a site that uses a well, then turning water on and off repeatedly during watering can wear out your well-pump. A wiser approach is to configure numerous sprinklers to maximize the flow and run the water continuously. This is easier on the well's pump, and can lengthen its life.

Use a gentle touch.

Don't flush away all of your grass seed or sprouts with the full-force of your garden hose. Use a very fine mist to keep seeded lawns and grass moist, and make sure that it doesn't dry out. Neglecting to water tiny grass sprouts for even one day can kill them and defeat the purpose of planting.

When you water smarter, you can save time, effort, and cost. Try these tips when watering this season; this may provide your plants, grass, or foliage with a better environment to thrive and grow. Landscaping professionals may also have suggestions for effective watering schedules in specific regions and climates.