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Four Things You Will Need To Survey When Building A Rural Home

If you have a rural property that you want to build on, there is a lot of planning that you will want to do. You will need to have surveying done to locate and plan the location of different features of your property. This is not only for the location of buildings, but also for infrastructure like wells and septic systems. Here are some things that you may want to know about the surveying needs of your rural property:

1. Finding The Perfect Place For Your Home

The first step in building your rural home will be locating where your home will be. This is going to be the starting point for all other steps in the process. You will need to find the perfect location, which also allows for other systems to be installed for your home.

2. Locating Wells And Water Resources On Your Property

The location of wells and water resources are also important. A surveying company can help you locate the best place to begin drilling for water. If you want to have other features like irrigation ponds installed later, they can also help with grade elevations to locate the best areas to locate these water resources. This can be good if you have a creek or small stream that you want to build a dam on at some point.

3. Choosing The Best Location For A Septic System That Meets Your Needs

With wells, it is also important to choose the best location for a septic system. The tank needs to be located away from your home, as well as a safe distance from any wells or water resources. Local building authorities govern this, so you will have to check with them about the required distances for your septic system. This will prevent the contamination of water supplies from septic drainage.

4. Marking Property Lines, Easements And Areas For Fencing To Be Installed

The property lines are also an important part of surveying. There may be easements near your property, which will require you to have things like septic systems, wells, fencing and other structures a certain distance away. If you plan on having fencing installed, a surveyor can also help you choose the best location for your fence.

These are some things that you will want to know about the surveying needs when building on rural property. If you are ready to start building a new home, contact a land surveying contractor to get the help you need planning your property.