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2 Tips For Caring For Your Lawn

Caring for your lawn is an important part of homeownership. Many people look forward to working in their lawn, especially if the lawn is thriving and doing well. However, if the lawn doesn't look good and is dying, it can be frustrating. You may not know what you are doing wrong and why your lawn doesn't look good. Here are a couple common mistakes that homeowners make with their yards and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Incorrectly Watering The Lawn

The way and time that you water your lawn will play a huge role in how nice it looks. As a general rule, you shouldn't water your lawn in the afternoon or evening, it should always be done in the morning. This is because if you do it in the afternoon, the hottest part of the day, the sun will evaporate the water so that the lawn doesn't get fully drenched. If you wait until the evening it will have the opposite effect. The excess water could sit in the yard all night long causing it to choke the roots. Instead, the best time is in the morning when the lawn can drink up as much water and it needs and then the sun will take care of any extra.

In addition, many people aren't giving their lawn enough water. It is better to drench the lawn a couple times a week rather than give it a little water each day. When you just barely water it will cause the grass to only get watered on the top and not fully seep into the roots. You want to the roots to be hydrated, so you need there to be a little pool of water in the grass. Then once the grass and really drank, the sun can evaporate the rest.

2. Incorrectly Cutting The Lawn

Another important part is mowing the lawn. The length at which you mow the lawn will play a critical role in your lawns appearance. Keeping the lawn too long won't allow the sun and water to get to the roots. So even though the grass might appear healthy, it is not sturdy. Second, if you go too short, it will dry out the roots and ruin them. This is why most professionals suggest mowing your lawn at somewhere between 1-4 inches if you have cool-season turf, and .75-3 inches if you have warm season turf. This will keep the length ideal so that the grass is healthy.

By avoiding these mistakes you can keep your grass looking lush and healthy. 

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