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Maintaining The Landscaping Of A Dog Park

If you are in charge of starting a dog park within your town's park area, there are several landscaping and recreational additions you can do to the parcel of land to keep it in great shape for your neighborhood's four-legged friends. Here are a few ways you can maintain a new dog park, helping to increase the number of people who utilize the park for recreational use as a result.

Keep It Lush

Dogs enjoy being able to run around and prefer an area with plenty of green grass to do so. Use a sprinkler system to keep the grounds well-hydrated during night-time hours. Irrigation systems can be set to water the grass on a schedule you specify, allowing the water to turn off well before opening hours. This will give the grass ample moisture, keeping the dog park running area from drying out in warmer weather. A computerized system may be utilized to show you which portions of the dog park are in need of watering and portions can be blocked off for additional watering when needed.

Fence It In

When there are dogs running and playing, it is best to have the area completely contained so there are no mishaps where someone's pooch runs out-of-bounds. Opt for an aluminum fence so the dogs inside can be seen from the exterior. People passing by the park will then know if there are others in the park, helping them to decide whether to stop to take their own dog in for a romp on the grounds. Keep the fence locked at times when the dog park will be closed to help minimize the chance of vandalism from occurring.

Keep It Fun

Add a few dog amenities in the grassy area to encourage dogs to run around and play with others. Dog ropes, short tunnels, bushes and trees to explore can be helpful in keeping a dog's interest in the area. Have a portion of the park fenced off with sprinklers or shallow pools of water for dogs to frolic through, allowing them to cool off on hot days. 

Add Beauty

Flowers and ground coverings can give the dog park some vibrant colors and beauty to the area. Place these blooms along the perimeters or on the sides of footpaths to give portions where dog owners are walking a bit of pleasing aesthetics. Have these plants watered regularly by a caretaker or have an irrigation system placed nearby to help keep them hydrated.

Provide Comfort

Dogs become very thirsty quickly when running around. Make sure there are several areas where owners can offer water to their dog after they exercise. Provide bowls to be used on the premises to make it easy for the owner to give their dog a drink without having to search for a container on their own. These can be placed on chains and filled up as needed. Set up some relaxation spots for dog owners including benches both in the sun and under trees. Picnic tables can be provided so families can sit down and have a snack with their dog if desired. Contact a company like T & J Landscape Services for more information.