Making Smarter Landscaping Choices

Need A New Lawn? Try Hydroseeding

If you are planning to start a new lawn on your property, you have three main options. The two most common choices are using sod and seeding by hand. A lesser-known possibility, called hydroseeding, is also available. This article takes a more detailed look at this interesting and beneficial landscaping technique.

What It Is

The process centers around a mixture of various substances, including grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, binding agents and water, that work together to create a lawn. The mixture is sprayed over the ground with hydraulic equipment or a hose. The binding agents keep the grass seed connected to the soil while the seeds mature. The mulch and fertilizer protect the seed from the elements and provide it with nutrients as it grows. By the time the grass is tall enough to cut, the rest of the mixture has decomposed back into the ground.

Why It's Done

Hydroseeding has some advantages over hand seeding and sodding that make it attractive to homeowners starting new lawns. For example, while using sod is quick way to install a new lawn, it's also rather expensive, which can make the process a budget buster for some homeowners. Hydroseeding is a less costly alternative. Hydroseeding is also a faster way to grow a new lawn than hand seeding.

Preparing the Soil

The soil must be properly prepared to receive the hydroseed mixture, just as you would with other methods. The ground should be free of weeds and grass before the mixture is sprayed on. Test the soil alkalinity and acidity and apply any needed compost or amendments to bring the soil into balance. Till the ground with a rototiller to make certain that the ground is not too compacted.

Caring for the Lawn

The lawn should grow quickly once the mixture is in place. Keep it well watered during the first two weeks, watering twice a day. When the grass reaches 3 inches high you can start mowing. Be careful not to cut the grass too low. Cut no more than ⅓ of the stalk of each blade of grass. Fertilizing can begin after the grass has been growing for about 30 days. Use a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content.

Hydroseeding is a terrific way to create a lush new lawn on your property, while keeping the costs from getting out of control. 

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