Making Smarter Landscaping Choices

Lawn Maintenance Tips For Vacation Homes

If you have a vacation home in a different state or even a different town, lawn upkeep might be hard to maintain. If you can plan this right from the beginning, lawncare can be more streamlined. Here are four tips to keep your vacation home's lawn looking great.

1. Grasses Local to the Area

Depending on your vacation home location, picking grass that would grow well in the local environment is key. Whether your home is in a dry, desert type area or a more lush, humid environment, finding a grass type that will thrive can be done at your local garden center. Another option is to bring in a local landscaper that can offer up the best types of grass to initially plant or replace your current yard with.

2. Sprinklers on Timers

Anything that you can set up to automatically at your vacation home will save you headaches with day-to-day upkeep. One of these areas is a sprinkler system for your yard. It might seem like a pain to have an automatic sprinkler system set up initially, but in the long run this will be worth it when it comes to lawn care. Be sure that you can manage this from afar on a computer or phone app so you can adjust your sprinkler needs with weather patterns.

3. Hire on Yard Workers for Upkeep

If you are only at your vacation home for certain seasons, hiring on a yard work team can help keep the exterior of your home looking well maintained with lawn maintenance (from companies like Green Leaf Lawn Services). If your yard needs a little more than watering, trimming and upkeep with other plants in your yard can be done by a  professional. This maintenance monthly or bi-monthly will save you the trouble.

4. Initial Planning With a Local Landscaper

You might want to look beyond your lawn and bring in a landscaper to truly assess your space. If there might be a better way to keep your yard alive and functioning with little maintenance, a landscaper can help you achieve this. Adding in more patio space or larger, mulched pathways might give smaller grassy areas a better chance staying green.

Just because you don't live in you vacation home doesn't mean that its yard needs to suffer. It will be less expensive in the long run to keep your yard maintained rather than starting over with this every year or so. A little planning can keep lawn upkeep at your vacation home achievable and easy to do from far away.