Making Smarter Landscaping Choices

Just Bought A Young Tree? Use These Three Tips To Care For It Properly

If you have just bought a young tree, you may not know what to do to ensure it grows properly. Use the following tips to make sure your tree thrives.  

Avoid Soil Additives or Compost in the Planting Hole

Your very first instinct might be to drop some compost or nutrient-rich additives into the planting hole before planting your tree. You might think you are getting your tree off to a good start. However, doing this will create a patch of nutrient-rich soil that the roots might grow into and never expand beyond. Over time, the nutrients will be used up and the tree may die.

Make a Ring of Water

Like any plant, your young tree requires water in order to grow properly. To make sure this happens, it is smart to create a ring of water around the tree so that you can always be sure that it is hydrated. 

To do this, add a ring of soil around your tree's trunk that extends beyond the tree's canopy. Within this ring, add a thin layer of mulch. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture and it also can prevent weeds from growing near your tree and competing with it for water and nutrients.

Then, saturate the area inside the ring with water every few days. The water will seep into the mulch and soil and keep the roots of your tree well-hydrated as time goes on. To test whether there is enough water, press the soil underneath the mulch with your fingers. It should feel soft and somewhat moist, not hard and dry.

Tie the Tree to a Stake

If you want to ensure that your young tree grows straight up, it's a good idea to tie it to a stake. To do this, drive a stake into the ground near the tree; just be sure that it is some distance away so that you don't drive the stake into the tree roots. Then, wrap some rope around the trunk of your young tree and tie it into a knot at the stake. Be sure to talk to a landscaper about how long your particular tree should be tied to a stake.

Now that you have some ideas about how to take care of your young tree, use the information here to help you do a good job. Talk to a reputable landscaping company (such as Futurescapes Inc.) for more suggestions about how you can ensure your tree thrives over time.