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Growing Apple Trees? Invest In Landscaping To Protect The Wood From Pests

As long as you do not mind maintaining your plants, having apple trees is an enormous perk. But, fruit trees are some of the most popular plants for attracting pests, so it makes sense to deal with them. While there is a long list of pests, some that you may want to focus on are aphids, caterpillars, and cicadas. These critters are the ones that will focus on damaging the wood of your apple trees. If the wood gets severely damaged, your tree will become weakened, branches may fall off, and apples may stop growing. While you can douse your apple trees in pest control to control these pests, you can also use natural methods.


One of the best ways to control the caterpillar population in your yard is by attracting predators. Putting bird houses into your trees and adding bird feeders to the backyard will help bring a crowd. Some birds only eat seeds, so you need to bring in birds that eat insects as their primary source of food or as a supplement. American robins, warblers, and vireos are a few examples of the birds you want to invite to your yard. Growing a berry bush or two is an effective way to entice American robins.


Cicada killer wasps may be scary in appearance, but they are not around to cause you any harm. These beasts of an insect exist to feast on cicadas, which want to munch on the wood from your apple trees. The two main things that are going to attract these wasps to your property is dry dirt and cicadas. When you know that cicadas are causing damage, you just need to provide shelter for these wasps. Adding patches of dry and moveable soil is your best bet to invite these wasps to protect your land.


Aphids are not just an issue for apple trees, but lots of plants in your backyard. So, it becomes even more advantageous to find preventive measures that you can rely on throughout the years. The easiest way is to combine your food-producing landscape with more foods that aphids dislike, such as  garlic and onions. Strategically placing these around your apple trees will prevent aphids from getting near the wood.

Roaming pests may target your apple trees first, but they will spread to the rest of your plants. Eliminating them before they cause severe damage to your apple trees is the best way to handle this situation. For more information, contact businesses like Glynn Young's Landscaping & Nursery Center.