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6 Landscape And Gardening Terms You Should Know

Whether you're new at gardening or you have taught yourself throughout the years, there may be some gardening terms that you just aren't sure of. It's important to know the differences between these terms in order to improve your gardening skills. Here are six of the most essential gardening terms to know.


It's not as cruel as it sounds. Certain plants, such as petunias, will bloom continuously for a long period of time as long as you remove the old withering blooms. This term was coined because you remove the blooms by pinching the old flower and pulling back to remove it.


Deadheading is nearly the same thing as pinching. However, with deadheading you remove the entire top of the flower. Sometimes when you deadhead you will want to cut back on the entire stem. Certain flowers will put all of their energy into growing a stem that's already flowered when it needs to put its energy into other parts of the plant.


Pruning is mainly done to bushes or roses. Pruning can be done to train a plant or to remove dying parts of a plant. Similar to deadheading, one of the main reasons to prune is to remove parts of a plant that are spent or diseased. This keeps the plant healthier since it won't be spending precious energy on stems and foliage that are diseased or no longer of any use to the plant.


Annuals are plants that only last one growing season. These plants will not come back the next year, but annual flowers generally bloom continuously during the season. Some examples of annuals are mums, pansies, and marigolds.


This type of plant comes back year after year provided they don't suffer some type of trauma or disease. They generally come back bigger and more plentiful than the year before. Popular perennials are roses, hydrangeas, and lilies.


When you take a piece of one plant to transplant it in another spot, this is called division. Generally this is done if your plant is too cramped or when you want to grow some more of the plant in another spot. Many plants can be divided. Some examples of plants that like to be divided are irises, lilies, and hostas.

All of these terms are important to know so you can be a successful gardener. Many of the grooming terms are used wrong and it's essential to know the correct terms so you don't make a mistake and harm one of your beloved plants.  Now that you've learned these terms you will ensure that you have sufficient knowledge to give your plants the best care possible. Contact a landscaper, like Area Wide Service , for more help.