Making Smarter Landscaping Choices

Dry Skies? 4 Tips For Maintaining A Green Lawn Even During A Drought

If you have a lawn to care for when a drought occurs, you may think that your grass will be a lost cause. But, you can keep a healthy and attractive yard even during the driest of time. To get you through the hard parts, here are 4 drought-friendly lawn care tips anyone can follow.

Less and More Watering. To keep grass roots healthy, they do need some water -- about an inch per week. But, if you have to conserve water, it's best to water smaller amounts at a time... but more regularly. Use small containers placed around the lawn to measure the amount of water per cycle, and set your sprinklers to operate automatically. Regular watering helps keep roots solid and deep. 

Raise the Blades. Leave grass a little higher when it gets less water. Allowing it to grow to a height of three or four inches can help encourage the root system to grow deeper. In addition, it helps shade the soil and prevent unnecessary evaporation. Avoid collecting the grass clippings and, instead, leave them intermingled on the grass. Recycling the cut grass helps return nutrients to the lawn and provides shade. 

Add Other Things. Less grass means less thirsty lawn that you have to care for. You don't need to get rid of your entire lawn in order to save water and money. Instead, consider creating a  one- or two-foot border garden bed around the lawn -- and then irrigating that with a water-saving drip system instead of sprinklers. Or, add an environmentally-friendly alpine rock garden in a sunny corner of the lawn. Hardscaping, such as a covered deck or porch, reduces the need for grass while encouraging outdoor use of the yard. Using containers to add color or greenery to the yard helps contain and save water while still keeping the area beautiful.

Feed It. Fertilizing the lawn regularly when times are good also helps make up for less water in the future. Well-fed lawns are fortified to survive drought conditions and create reserves of energy to battle through the dry spells. You may not want to fertilize the lawn during the driest spells, so work with a qualified landscaping service with experience in lawn care before starting. They may test the soil and suggest different fertilization schemes based on the analysis.

By applying these 5 tips, any homeowner -- no matter how inexperienced -- can maintain a gorgeous and healthy lawn even when Mother Nature isn't helping very much. Talk to a landscaper, such as Heritage Lawn & Landscape LLC, for more tips or for assistance caring for your lawn.