Making Smarter Landscaping Choices

Want To Flood Your Landscape With Greenery? Use Hedge Plants For Various Purposes

Growing native bushes or trees in your backyard might lead to a beautiful backyard, but it will not necessarily make it organized. Tree branches may grow longer than you anticipate and bushes could require constant trimming to prevent them from becoming an obstacle for outdoor walkways. If you have a strong desire to make your backyard as green as possible, but you do not want issues, you should bring a landscaping company on board that can help with using hedge plants all around.

Use Them as Separators

One thing that these hedges excel at is creating separation. If you want to have an outdoor kitchen with a bit of privacy, you can accomplish this goal by adding hedge plants around the kitchen area. While you can choose from a large number of hedge bushes, you will love what the boxwood is able to achieve. It can grow tall and handle steady maintenance while remaining healthy, making it an ideal candidate. You can use the boxwood to make an isolated backyard area for gardening, dining, or relaxing.

Create Winding Paths

With the uniformity that you can achieve with hedge plants, you should have no problem creating winding paths all throughout the backyard. When the paths are visible from the front or start on the sides of the house, this is when you will start to truly improve the curb appeal of the property. Maintenance on these pathways should not be challenging as you only need to trim the twigs that stick out past the rest.

It may be worth finding hedges that have soft leaves and twigs with no thorns to minimize the chance of getting scratched or injured while walking through the pathways. This is ideal for a family with young children as they may not pay close enough attention to where they are walking at all times.

Block the Unsightly

Since hedge plants can grow tall, you can easily use them to cover up unsightly features. If your property has a beautiful view on one side but an undesirable view on the other, you may want to use these hedges to cover up that portion of the yard to maximize the desirability of the backyard and the view it has. You can then work on other landscaping projects to beautify the area in front of the hedge acting as a wall.

Using hedge plants is a great way to fill your yard with greenery in a unique and functional way.