Making Smarter Landscaping Choices

Escape To Your Personal Tuscany With Inspired Landscaping

Tuscany is considered one of the most romantic regions in the world, and a lot of charm comes from the landscape. Naturally, you probably can't escape to Tuscany whenever you want – not unless you create your own little slice of the Tuscan countryside in your yard. Make over your landscaping with Tuscan appeal.

Tuscan Plant Palette

The foundation of your Tuscan landscape is the plant palette. Ornamental trees include Italian cypress, live oak and bay trees. These are good for shade and providing privacy. Olive, citrus and fruit trees are other options. If your climate isn't Mediterranean, plant the trees in large pots to move inside in colder weather. Herbs such as rosemary, lavender and bay laurel are ideal for a corner or container garden. For flowers, nothing says Tuscany – or Mediterranean in general – like geraniums.


The other big foundational aspect of your Tuscan landscape is the hardscaping. You can incorporate different hardscape elements such as a patio, retaining wall and pathway. However, the key is to choose natural stone as the material. The Tuscan color palette features warm, often soft colors. Therefore, look for natural stone that features such colors, such as salmon hues, and avoid anything too dark or cool-toned. Decomposed granite, gold granite and Santa Barbara cobble, along with warm-hued flagstone, are ideal. You should also incorporate Travertine tile, especially in the patio, as this is characteristic of the style.

Focal Point

A visual focal point is a hallmark of good landscaping design. As the Landscaping Network points out, there are several options for the Tuscan landscape, including an arbor or a labyrinth. The easier of the two is obviously the arbor. You can place the arbor along a pathway and plant climbers at the base. Grapevines are traditional, but morning glory and passion flower add beautiful color. The site also recommends incorporating benches into your landscape. You could combine a bench with the arbor for a shady niche that also provides a beautiful tableau. Choose a location that's easily visible from different areas of the yard and even the house so you and your guests can enjoy the designed vista.


Pulling your Tuscan landscape together involves adding a few accessories to your yard. You may combine these with other elements. For example, you could plant your herb garden in warm terra cotta pots. A fountain is always a charming addition. Look for one in Travertine tile or in your warm color palette. You could install the fountain on the wall of your patio or tuck it among the greenery. Yard accent pieces, such as an amilary or a simple statue, are other items you can incorporate into your personal Tuscan countryside for added appeal.

Create a landscape design that reminds you of the Tuscan countryside for your own personal Mediterranean getaway.