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Updates You Can Make To Your Backyard Concrete Patio

Your backyard space can be boring without any potted plants, an attractive seating area, an umbrella-covered table, and an outdoor grill. However, once you have these elements added to your backyard patio, be sure you update your concrete patio to make it more fabulous looking. Here are some recommendations for improvements to make to your concrete patio so it looks great.

Apply Stain and Sealant

A plain-colored concrete patio in your backyard will look dirty and stained, and it can bring down the entire appearance of your space. However, there are many colors of concrete stain you can use to make your concrete look like marble or stone. And you can use the stain in various patterns to bring in some design. You can stain the surface of your concrete to look like glazed tile or aged brick. 

Be sure that you follow up your stain application with a sealant made of epoxy, acrylic, or polyurethane to seal in the color and design. And also look for a sealant that stands up to the sun's UV rays and does not yellow.

Cover the Patio With Decorative Tile

If you are tired of looking at the same concrete surface, you can cover it in a new layer of tile in your choice. Tiling over your concrete patio is a great way to update its look and feeling with the texture and shine of real tile. 

Before you apply any grout or tile to your patio concrete, be sure that you repair any existing cracks and damage with a concrete patch material. Then apply the mortar onto the concrete once it has been cleaned of any grease, dirt, and other residues. Finish up the tile work with a colored grout and seal the grout to protect it from outdoor stains and dirt.

Add Accent Stone Edging

Another way to improve your backyard concrete patio is to add some extra brickwork to the edges of your patio. This not only adds in extra visually interesting framing to your patio but can also be a good way to expand the patio space. You can add extra bricks or paving stones around all edges of the concrete patio and also install circular designs of various sizes and shapes of flat stones. Use mason's sand to act as a foundation for your new paving bricks or set them into concrete to make the entire structure more permanent.