Making Smarter Landscaping Choices

5 Ways To Make Your Small Backyard Feel Grander

Landscaping a small backyard can be a real challenge. While most homeowners have the luxury of using large-scale landscape features and doing many different things in their yards, a small lot owner must customize their space to accentuate the positive and minimize the size problems. If you're in this situation, here are five ways you can do just that. 

1. Install a Distant Centerpiece

The focal point of a yard is often in the center of it, but a small lot owner may want to move it farther into the background. This tricks the mind because a person is drawn to this centerpiece and considers it the center of the yard. When it's farther away, the area leading to it seems larger. 

2. Let In Light and Air

Small lot owners generally want privacy and need borders, so they use fencing, hedges, and permanent structures. However, these can make the yard seem even smaller and more oppressive. Instead, look for privacy filters that let in light and breezes. This might include vine-covered lattices, dwarf trees and shrubbery, or even light fabric curtains. 

3. Go Vertical

The use of vertical space helps in two ways. First, it draws the eyes upward and toward the open sky rather than focusing on the small ground space. Second, it adds physical space for the garden. For instance, you might build a vertical wall garden, use columnar trees or tall containers, or hang some flower baskets. Vertical elements are less common in landscaping, so you can have fun with them. 

4. Use Leading Lines

Artists use the trick of perspective all the time, and you can too. A leading line is a long, clean line that begins in the foreground and leads the eye away toward the background. It seems longer than the same line drawn in other locations. Use leading lines in your landscape by planting a strong flower bed along the sides, for example. Or you might install a pathway leading from the center. Methods are up to you. 

5. Add Elevation Changes

Finally, consider adding changes in elevation to the small yard. A raised deck or a sunken garden provides visual interest and makes people feel like they're passing through zones rather than stuck in one small area. They also visually break up the landscape. 

Which of these methods might take your small outdoor space to the next level? No matter what strategy you employ, the result will be a more expansive feeling and a more useful backyard. Start today by meeting with a custom landscaping professional in your area.