Landscape Edging Options Explained

Are you tired of weeds and lawn grasses invading your flower beds and tree islands? If so, then it is time to install edging. The following guide will help you choose and install the best edging for your landscape needs. Basic Edging Types Edging can be placed into two main categories — trench edging or material edging. Trench edging options require little more than a shovel or edger and a bit of labor. [Read More]

How To Establish Grass On A Slope

Do you dream of a beautiful green lawn but have issues due to a hill or major slope on your property? It can seem like nothing can stop the erosion and you will never be able to establish grass on your sloped lawn, but there are strategies that can help you overcome this challenge. Sod vs. Seed The main issue with seed is that it tends to wash away when it's applied on a slope. [Read More]

3 Fantastic Uses For Compost

Compost is often used in gardening and landscaping applications. It's a rich, fertile substance that can look a lot like soil, and it's made from organic matter that has been allowed to decompose in controlled conditions. It's an inexpensive and natural addition to any backyard, lawn, or garden. Here are four ways compost can improve the landscaping in your yard or garden: 1. Aerate your soil. The act of mixing compost into your yard can aerate your soil. [Read More]

Buying Land? Benefits Of An ALTA Survey

If you are purchasing land, you are likely spending a lot of money. Because of this, you want everything to go perfectly. One thing you can do to help with this is to have an ALTA land survey done on the property. Below is information about what an ALTA survey is, as well as the benefits of having this survey done on your property.  ALTA Survey An ALTA survey is hiring a surveyor to check the boundaries on a property. [Read More]