Make Stepping Stones To Add A Personal Touch To Your Landscaping

If you want to add some stepping stones around your yard when you are doing some landscaping, but you don't want just any stepping stones, you can make your own. This will allow you to make ones that give you the exact look you are trying to achieve with your landscaping. Making the stones is simple and you'll be able to create something that will last for years to come. Follow the instructions in this article to create your own unique stepping stones. [Read More]

Spongy Yard? 4 Things That Might Be Increasing The Thickness Of Your Lawn's Thatch Layer

Most healthy lawns develop a layer of thatch, which is basically a layer of both living and dead roots, stems and shoots. The thatch layer, located between green grass and the soil, poses some benefits as long as it doesn't get too thick. A thin layer of thatch can protect the soil from extreme temperatures and help it maintain a more consistent moisture level. However, too much thatch can be a bad thing. [Read More]

Tips For Saving Money On A New Landscape Design For Your Home

If you are interested in creating a new landscape design for your home but are a little worried about the cost, keep reading. There are plenty of tips to help you create a unique landscape with a minimal budget. Use Imperfect Wood Lumber companies often end up with a lot of lumber that is not perfect enough to sell for their regular prices. These pieces usually end up being thrown out or sold for a largely discounted price. [Read More]

Taking On Landscaping For The First Time? How A Home And Garden Show Can Help

As a new homeowner, you might wonder what you can do to make your landscaping the best on the block. It doesn't matter if you're taking on landscaping for the first time in the front yard or backyard, you want the best, and you want it at a good price. If this is the situation you find yourself in, visit a home and garden show to help you get started. When you do, here is what you can expect. [Read More]