How To Prevent The Snow From Keeping You Stuck At Home

If you have recently moved to a region where snow is a factor, then you want to be as prepared as possible for dealing with it. If you aren't ready and prepared for it, you can find yourself having a hard time getting your car out of your driveway and you can even find it hard for you to get out of your house. This article will provide you with tips and advice for handling the snow in a way that allows you to enjoy it, rather than having it to ruin your day.

Benefits Of Landscaping Your Backyard With Fruits And Vegetables

Take advantage of your spacious backyard by landscaping it with fruit trees and vegetables. Growing your own vegetables and fruits is an essential component of staying healthy. You get to grow two of the most important dietary foods. People who grew up eating food cultivated in their parents' backyard plots are generally more receptive to reliving the experience when they own their own homes. The rising cost of fruits and vegetables should also be an incentive for you to create your own vegetable patch.

4 Ways To Have An Attractive Landscape That Requires Minimal Effort

If you own a home, chances are that you want it to look good – from the outside to the inside. However, when you're constantly on the go between work and the kids' soccer practices, it can be difficult to find time to plan a garden, much less take care of one on a regular basis. Luckily, you can still have a great-looking landscape by using a few "lazy" options in the design.

Water, Water Everywhere -- 4 Ways To Fix Your Flooded Yard

With winter approaching, some homeowners find themselves battling a recurring problem that can wreck enjoyment of their yards: flooding. If your yard regularly floods, now is a good time to find a permanent solution so you can enjoy the change in weather. Here are 4 ways to fix that backyard flooding. Identify the Source It's hard to fix a problem if you're only focusing on the symptoms rather than the cause.

Turning Off The Tap -- Design Your Landscape To Prevent Flooding

Do you have a problem with basement flooding? Are you using a sump pump way too often? The key to fixing your indoor flooding problem is usually out your yard. Here are 4 ways to prevent flooding in your yard and home.  Check Your Gutters Start your yard assessment with the gutters and downspouts. They are probably the easiest and cheapest fix. Go outside while it's raining (or use a garden hose in the gutter) and inspect the gutters' flow and how water is trickling down the downspout.

Just Bought A Young Tree? Use These Three Tips To Care For It Properly

If you have just bought a young tree, you may not know what to do to ensure it grows properly. Use the following tips to make sure your tree thrives.   Avoid Soil Additives or Compost in the Planting Hole Your very first instinct might be to drop some compost or nutrient-rich additives into the planting hole before planting your tree. You might think you are getting your tree off to a good start.

Lawn Maintenance Tips For Vacation Homes

If you have a vacation home in a different state or even a different town, lawn upkeep might be hard to maintain. If you can plan this right from the beginning, lawncare can be more streamlined. Here are four tips to keep your vacation home's lawn looking great. 1. Grasses Local to the Area Depending on your vacation home location, picking grass that would grow well in the local environment is key.

Need A New Lawn? Try Hydroseeding

If you are planning to start a new lawn on your property, you have three main options. The two most common choices are using sod and seeding by hand. A lesser-known possibility, called hydroseeding, is also available. This article takes a more detailed look at this interesting and beneficial landscaping technique. What It Is The process centers around a mixture of various substances, including grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, binding agents and water, that work together to create a lawn.

Maintaining The Landscaping Of A Dog Park

If you are in charge of starting a dog park within your town's park area, there are several landscaping and recreational additions you can do to the parcel of land to keep it in great shape for your neighborhood's four-legged friends. Here are a few ways you can maintain a new dog park, helping to increase the number of people who utilize the park for recreational use as a result. Keep It Lush Dogs enjoy being able to run around and prefer an area with plenty of green grass to do so.

2 Tips For Caring For Your Lawn

Caring for your lawn is an important part of homeownership. Many people look forward to working in their lawn, especially if the lawn is thriving and doing well. However, if the lawn doesn't look good and is dying, it can be frustrating. You may not know what you are doing wrong and why your lawn doesn't look good. Here are a couple common mistakes that homeowners make with their yards and what you can do to avoid them.