Escape To Your Personal Tuscany With Inspired Landscaping

Tuscany is considered one of the most romantic regions in the world, and a lot of charm comes from the landscape. Naturally, you probably can't escape to Tuscany whenever you want – not unless you create your own little slice of the Tuscan countryside in your yard. Make over your landscaping with Tuscan appeal. Tuscan Plant Palette The foundation of your Tuscan landscape is the plant palette. Ornamental trees include Italian cypress, live oak and bay trees.

Want To Flood Your Landscape With Greenery? Use Hedge Plants For Various Purposes

Growing native bushes or trees in your backyard might lead to a beautiful backyard, but it will not necessarily make it organized. Tree branches may grow longer than you anticipate and bushes could require constant trimming to prevent them from becoming an obstacle for outdoor walkways. If you have a strong desire to make your backyard as green as possible, but you do not want issues, you should bring a landscaping company on board that can help with using hedge plants all around.

Dry Skies? 4 Tips For Maintaining A Green Lawn Even During A Drought

If you have a lawn to care for when a drought occurs, you may think that your grass will be a lost cause. But, you can keep a healthy and attractive yard even during the driest of time. To get you through the hard parts, here are 4 drought-friendly lawn care tips anyone can follow. Less and More Watering. To keep grass roots healthy, they do need some water -- about an inch per week.